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Pool Rules and Important Information

Carrington Swim and Racquet Club Pool Rules

To Carrington POA Residents & Swim and Racquet Club Members: 

Membership Access Cards

Each family will receive one access card that they should carry at all times when enjoying the pool and/or tennis facilities.  If you wish for an additional access card, please contact us for arranging to receive a second card.  Cost is $5/ card.  Along with giving you access into the tennis courts 24/7, as well as the pool during normal open swim hours (when life guard present) and for off hours adult swimming/lap exercise, your access card will act as your family’s identification that you are a Carrington member, have completed the Waiver, and have the right to use the neighborhood amenities.   If you do not have your access card with you, you run the risk of not having access to the pool and/or tennis courts as well as possibly being asked to leave and retrieve your card.    Please understand that ensuring our neighborhood facilities are properly being utilized by ONLY Carrington homeowners and/or members is very important from a liability perspective and something your Carrington Board takes very seriously.

2022 ADULT swim/exercise hours

Outside of the normal family swim hours noted per calendar, ADULTS ONLY (over 18 years of age) may use their access card and enjoy the pool area for swimming, exercise, or simply relaxing.  Any swimming will be at “own risk” as no lifeguards will be on duty.  NO kids or pets are allowed inside the gate area, even if they are simply sitting and not using the pool.


At NO TIME are kids under the age of 18 allowed to accompany adults during usage of the pool facility outside of the family swim hours.   If kids under the age of 18 are reported as using the pool outside of normal business hours, the entire family WILL HAVE THEIR pool membership privileges removed.

Any activity that needs to be reported, please e-mail Carrington at the address per Contact Us or call Community Association Management @ 704.565.5000.

Our pool will officially OPEN on Saturday, May 14th (weekends only till May 30th) and CLOSED on Sunday, September 11th.  See pool HOURS for complete calendar of family swim pool hours (i.e. life guard on duty).


Other Important Rules and Information

Are lifeguards always on duty? Lifeguards are on duty at the main pool at all times when the pool is open during season.  During non-lifeguard hours, only adults can use pool or be in gated pool area. An Adult is someone who is 18 years and older.

Can children be left at the pool unsupervised? Children cannot be left at the pool unsupervised.   Children aged 13 years or younger must be supervised at all times by an adult or responsible person aged 16 years or older.

What if my child is in diapers?   Young children still using diapers must be outfitted with special swimming diapers before entering the  pool.

Can I smoke at the Pool and Tennis Courts?  There is no smoking allowed in the pool or tennis enclosures.

Can I bring food and beverages to the pool?  Feel free to bring food and beverages to the pool.  Members over 21 years old are allowed to consume alcoholic beverages at the pool; however, disorderly behavior will not be tolerated. NO GLASS CONTAINERS WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE POOL AREA. CLEAN UP after yourself / family.  We are trying our best to control ants around the pool deck.  However, when food or drinks are spilled and not cleaned up by kids / parents, ant control becomes difficult.

Is there a snack bar?  The Snack Shack is closed.    

Is there an adult swim? Adult swim takes place each hour for 10 minutes.  Children and young adults under 16 years old are not allowed in the pool during adult swim.   Also, as noted above, adults (at least 18 years of age) have the option to use the pool facility, at their own risk, outside of normal business hours.

Is parking available at the swim and racquet club?  Ample parking is available adjacent to the swim and racquet facilities.

Do you offer swim lessons?  Individual and group swim lessons are available through New South Swimming.

Is the pool crowded?  The pool is busier on the weekends, but the pool is rarely crowded.

Are social activities held at the pool and/or clubhouse?  Events take place each spring, summer and fall at the pool/clubhouse.  We do not plan to have any large pool only events during Summer 2022.  However, we plan to have a few smaller events during the season, similar to past summer.  Events and activities are subject to change each year and are not guaranteed as part of membership.

Can members bring toys and floats to the pool?  Members are allowed to bring toys and floats to the pool.  Lifeguards have authority to disallow any toy or float that is deemed unsafe or not being safely used.

Is the pool heated?  The pool is located in a sunny location and reach a pleasant temperature quickly each year.  During the off season the pool is enclosed with a tent and heated, and available for Adult Only lap swim.

What if I have more questions? Please contact us at carringtonswimracquetclub@gmail.com for additional questions or information.


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